Let’s rewrite the rulebook.

The Buy-Side Club puts trust and quality back at the heart of asset management executive search.

We provide unrivalled insight and intelligence on key industry trends that keep you exactly where you need to be.

One step ahead of the competition.

We are defined by our unique recruiter,
client, candidate relationship.

Our consultants are not paid commission
for closing a search.

Our clients pay a one-off fee, it’s all agreed upfront, no surprises.

We are transparent.

Our global network is completely open for our clients to use.

We don’t need to control the hiring process.

Our compensation negotiation is genuine.
We have no need to inflate compensation to gain a larger completion fee… because there is no completion fee.

And it feels good.

Candidates don’t feel like they’re being sold to or pushed into roles they’re not right for.

Clients don’t feel like clients, but like collaborators because we behave as an extension of their business.

We’re in it for the long haul.

Quality relationships, built on trust, collaboration and innovation.

Proud to be a disruptor.

Welcome to The Buy-Side Club.

Lee Higgins