Why “The Club”?

The Buy-Side Club enables our network (clients and candidates) to gain access to quality information and advice and share some of this advice with other members. Our name was based on the premise of a club where individuals are bonded by a common interest or activity.

Who are your clients?

We work with leading asset management firms, ranging from global solution asset managers and data providers to single asset class boutiques. The brands are strong and each client has an interesting story to tell.

Are you working for the client or the candidate?

Both. Our model is completely transparent. Candidates and clients can liaise directly if they wish, we do not filter communication because we’re not trying to hide anything. If we’re influencing a candidate, it’s for the good of their career. If we’re influencing a client, it’s for the good of their business – it’s never to make a completion fee as there is no completion fee!

Do you just cover the UK market?

We work on projects globally, not just in the UK. To date we have delivered projects in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Milan, Paris, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, New York and London (including Nordics and Benelux coverage). Take a look at our results section to gain a flavour of some of our completed projects.

What level of roles do you service?

Typically we operate from VP to Board level. We can also assist clients with hiring and the pooling of talent at more junior levels as and when required.

Why should I return a call from The Buy-Side Club?

First and foremost we are consultants. You’ll receive candid, impartial career advice and we’ll take a genuine interest in your career. We will introduce you to clients and to our broader network with no hidden incentive, as well as giving you access to meaningful market information. Read through some of our testimonials to see what people think of us.

What does the logo represent?

Our logo illustrates the balance between The Buy-Side Club, our candidates and our clients. We are at the axis, creating a more balanced recruitment offering.

How do I join “The Club”?

Feel free to drop us an email or call us directly. We always welcome the opportunity to share further detail on our unique model – we’re not here to give you the hard sell.