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In the News

‘Restart’ scheme launches to help more women return to the investment industry

25th August 2017

Investment Week

Women returning to the investment industry after a career break will be able to take advantage of a new database and careers workshop. Called Restart, the workshop will take place on 19 September 2017 in London and is being led by the Diversity Project and supported by the Women Returners Professional Network. The database for returners will allow individuals who have been out of the industry for at least a year to register their professional profiles. It has been designed as a tool to encourage a largely untapped pool of highly qualified, experienced and motivated talent back to the industry…

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Is recruitment the answer to diversity in asset management?

1st June 2017

IPE Top 400 Asset Managers – Diversity – The Buy-Side Club
by Sarah Dudney (Client Partner at The Buy-Side Club)

As evidence mounts to prove that diverse investment teams achieve better risk-adjusted returns, asset managers are recognising the need to improve the diversity of their workforce. Recruiting more women, ethnic minorities and people with different educational and professional experiences would seem an obvious first step. Hiring candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds creates a virtuous circle because people want to work for inclusive companies. But is recruitment too simplistic an answer?…

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Gender diversity in fund management is about to come of age

1st April 2017

CFA Society UK – Professional Investor
Sarah Dudney interviews women across the fund management industry about their experiences and the initiatives that are being undertaken by their organisations, and reaches the conclusion that progress is being made…
It has never been a better time to be a woman in fund management. A range of proactive industry-wide and companyspecific diversity initiatives are empowering women to aspire to leadership. Trends such as a move away from star managers to teams, and more openness to flexible working, are changing the culture to enable women to thrive….
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People Feature: Tips on how to survive a merger

14th March 2017


Upcoming mergers, such as Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management or Amundi and Pioneer, show how uncertain job security is for many fund professionals at present. Deals typically lead to reductions in headcount and redundancies. Furthermore the integration of two different cultures can be stressful for employees and cause many to leave, particularly from the smaller firm. According to experts, people who recognise what is within their control and what is not will be better equipped to avoid the chop or exploit other job opportunities….

Lee Higgins, founder and chief executive officer of The Buy-Side Club, a recruitment firm, says any previous experience of a merger could help if wanting to keep a job during another one. He says: “Is any of their previous experience relevant to the current situation? Can they demonstrate how well they adapt to change?” “It’s important to demonstrate loyalty and have a positive attitude. In general people want to work with team players who are upbeat, optimistic, hard working and who inspire others. “As the company progresses through the merger and moves on, people will be judged on their own merits.”…

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People Feature: The secrets to retaining talent

28th February 2017


Talent retention is a perennial issue at asset managers. However, experts warn that it takes more than money to stop your best performers from moving to a rival firm. Fund houses that are experiencing stagnant growth, performing aggressive cost-cutting or perpetuating a traditionally “punchy” working environment are the most at risk of struggling to retain talent…

Lee Higgins, founder and chief executive officer of The Buy-Side Club, says asset managers are differentiating themselves by offering non-financial incentives such as leadership training programmes and access to masters of business administration courses at prominent business schools such as Insead. “Several firms are also developing fast-track career advancement initiatives for women specifically,” he says. At BlackRock 35 high-performing women each year join its 12-month Women’s Leadership Forum to learn from senior executives, grow their network and increase the impact they have, says Mr Higgins. He also highlights the work Standard Life does in encouraging employees to develop non-executive careers in charitable work. “Encouraging employees to pursue charitable work, with time off when possible for meetings or specific projects, enables people to develop business skills they can bring back to their day jobs and reaps softer benefits such as a sense of achievement and empowerment,” says Mr Higgins…

…In a corporate leadership study of 50,000 employees, the University of California found that motivated employees are 87 per cent less likely to quit their job. Mr Higgins says: “If no one is motivated then people head for the door in droves, with the most talented and sought-after people making their exit first.”…

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