When to break free from your work clique

by Siobhan Riding

Head of Partnerships Philip Darling and Client Partner Sarah Dudney spoke with Ignites Europe about investment professionals who form teams they stay with throughout their careers.

“As in many ways investment is a craft business, this close-knit team affords many technical advantages. Tribe members develop an intellectual shorthand in which to speak to each other and disagreements are easily resolved,” said Philip. Moving firms with colleagues can help “de-risk a career move,” he added. There are drawbacks to sticking with a tribe, however. “The team you know almost like family [may] always perceive you as the ‘guy who builds the models’ [so you] never get a chance to move on and develop professionally into other technical and commercial areas,” Philip warned.

Sarah advised investment professionals to be clear about their career goals. “Don’t jump into it like it’s a pair of comfortable shoes,” she cautioned. “Have a clear learning plan [covering] what you want to get out of this role, what you are contributing and what you want to learn.”

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