Asset managers shake up interviews to lure talent

by Ed Moisson

Client Partner Caroline Elsdon shared her insights with Ignites Europe on how the interview process for asset management professionals is changing.

“The process is becoming less formulaic and more flexible. Hiring managers are adapting to what their preferred candidates need in order to feel comfortable, for instance if they want to meet other people in the team or discuss aspects of the offer,” she explained. “When it comes to attracting people, compensation alone is no longer the main appeal,” Caroline continued. “Candidates are looking for work/life balance, flexible working, more defined opportunities to develop their career, strong leadership and a clear strategy. It is important for companies to ensure they are ‘selling’ these benefits throughout the interview process.”

Caroline also recommended that “candidates should meet a range of different personalities during the interview process. This guards against people hiring in their own image and helps to prevent personality clashes.”

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