Professional Investor
by Maha Khan Phillips

The Buy-Side Club’s Sarah Dudney recently spoke with Maha Khan Phillips for Professional Investor, the CFA UK’s membership magazine, in the year the Investment Management Certificate (IMC), the entry-level qualification for the UK investment profession, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The skills needed for a successful career in the investment industry are evolving as the sector becomes more complex and more reliant on data. “We live in a much more data-rich society. The skill-set required for investment professionals has become much more about data analytics and understanding and manipulating large data sets efficiently,” explained Sarah Dudney, Client Partner at The Buy-Side Club. “Everybody has to understand the complexities of the business, whether it’s passive, or developments in active, trends going on in ESG, or data analytics. You need to have a real polymath mind and you have to be relentless in learning and asking what things mean for investment,” Sarah told Professional Investor.

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