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Who do you think you are? To find out, check the label

The Buy-Side Club’s Sarah Dudney explores how Imposter syndrome can have implications on the way individuals consider career opportunities…

Changing of the guard

The asset management industry is undergoing a leadership transition with a new cohort of CEOs taking over and more handovers expected. According to Casey Quirk, half (52%) of the largest 50 asset managers have “next generation” CEOs…

How to say goodbye

Succession plans for fund managers should ideally be put in place long before people leave or retire, according to Sarah Dudney, Client Partner at The Buy-Side Club…

Is there a skills gap in ESG investing?

Demand for ESG expertise is outstripping supply. Investment firms would be well advised to develop a recruitment and retention strategy specific to ESG, and many are already doing exactly that, reveal The Buy-Side Club’s Emma Wallis and Sarah Dudney,…

Changing industry, changing skill-set

Professional Investor magazine interviews The Buy-Side Club’s Sarah Dudney around the changing skill set in the investment industry.

The tortoise and the bear….

The Buy-Side Club looks at the year ahead, examines market forecasts, and evaluates this year’s major investment trends.

How to become more client centric in 2019

The Buy-Side Club’s Sarah Dudney spoke with IGNITES EUROPE about asset managers building a more client-centric culture, and how this trend is being baked into the recruitment process.

How to return to your old firm without creating enemies

Sarah Dudney, Client Partner at The Buy-Side Club was quoted in an IGNITES EUROPE article on investment professionals returning to their former firms.

When to break free from your work clique

The Buy-Side Club’s Philip Darling and Sarah Dudney talked to IGNITES EUROPE about investment professionals who stick with the same teams throughout their careers.

Asset managers shake up interviews to lure talent

The Buy-Side Club Ltd’s Caroline Elsdon shared her insights with IGNITES EUROPE on how the interview process for asset management professionals is changing.

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