What we do


We partner with investment firms to attract, retain and develop the right people, build robust succession plans, improve cognitive diversity and strengthen employer brands.

We operate as a seamless extension of our clients’ talent teams, sharing information, resources and expertise, and delivering flexible solutions. Our secure client portal offers 24/7 access to research and project updates.


Our innovative model changes the way investment firms look at talent strategy and recruitment, by removing costs and adding significant value.

We advise our clients on business challenges and help them to reach strategic decisions relating to people and organisational design, leveraging our expertise and research capabilities.

Our experience and knowledge of the investment industry, combined with our broad network, enables us to deliver insightful research, market intelligence and high quality data.


We have built trusted relationships with our clients and with our vast senior global network and we pride ourselves on this continuity.

We build long-term relationships with individuals and see ourselves as career counsellors. We are not incentivised to push people into roles; we only advise people to pursue a course of action if we genuinely believe it to be in their best interests.

Don’t just take our word for it

“TBSC fits well with our ongoing focus on building partnerships with providers who can ‘dial-in’ their services to fit our needs. We appreciate that TBSC is made up of seasoned search and recruiting professionals who can provide counsel and advice to us [and] we can jointly develop effective solutions.”
“TBSC set the right tone from the outset. We had very good candidates throughout that were qualified yet different. Ultimately, we got the very best Head of Sales in the industry.“
“TBSC took the time to understand what we were trying to build from a strategy, scope but most importantly cultural standpoint. Due to its unique business model, TBSC was able to play trusted partner for both us and candidates.”
“I have found The Buy-Side Club to be considered in its approach, then candid and upfront in its engagement. I have not felt my experience commoditised, nor my credibility compromised.”
“TBSC was a strong partner in helping us build one, if not, the best team in the space. The fit and satisfaction for candidates, now employees, and our firm was beyond expectations.”
“It is so refreshing to go for a job, and for the people in the room to have the same values and be driving for the same things you are. This is a real talent that TBSC has.”