Save our clients money


Our innovative model with a one-off annual fee and no additional charges enables our clients to forecast costs and save money.

Provide expertise, knowledge and contacts


Our clients buy our expertise, extensive experience, deep industry knowledge, and full access to our broad and diverse network.

Succession plan and talent pipeline


We help clients put in place long term, robust succession plans and develop the next generation of leaders.
We proactively monitor flight risk and scour the market for suitable candidates ahead of a vacancy arising

Speed up the hiring process


We swiftly and efficiently source the best talent available for our clients’ requirements,
creating a smooth transition period and reducing the costs associated with a vacant seat

Enhance the employer brand


We work with our clients to communicate an authentic, positive message about them as an employer, and about their business

Provide reassurance in the quality of our clients’ hires


Hiring is an investment – we provide peace of mind that the full market has been researched and that clients are accessing the best talent available

Ensure a positive candidate journey


We engage with candidates throughout the search process and beyond, keeping them informed and making sure they have a positive experience.
Candidates love our approach and this reflects positively on our clients
– if your recruitment strategy is forward thinking and innovative, candidates are assured that the broader business will be too

Take a truly diverse approach


We work with our clients to build an inclusive workforce and culture. We challenge them to ensure that all candidates are considered to ensure a diverse pool of individuals is presented. We are a steering committee member of The Investment Association’s Diversity Project, who target diversity in its broadest sense for investment and savings firms, aiming to tackle gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, degree discipline, sexual orientation, age and disability.

Don’t just take our word for it

“TBSC fits well with our ongoing focus on building partnerships with providers who can ‘dial-in’ their services to fit our needs. We appreciate that TBSC is made up of seasoned search and recruiting professionals who can provide counsel and advice to us [and] we can jointly develop effective solutions.”
“TBSC set the right tone from the outset. We had very good candidates throughout that were qualified yet different. Ultimately, we got the very best Head of Sales in the industry.“
“TBSC took the time to understand what we were trying to build from a strategy, scope but most importantly cultural standpoint. Due to its unique business model, TBSC was able to play trusted partner for both us and candidates.”
“I have found The Buy-Side Club to be considered in its approach, then candid and upfront in its engagement. I have not felt my experience commoditised, nor my credibility compromised.”
“TBSC was a strong partner in helping us build one, if not, the best team in the space. The fit and satisfaction for candidates, now employees, and our firm was beyond expectations.”
“It is so refreshing to go for a job, and for the people in the room to have the same values and be driving for the same things you are. This is a real talent that TBSC has.”